Grivel Air Tech New Matic

Grivel is a well-proven manufacturer of crampons and you’ll find it hard to find a crampon better than this. The Air Tech New Matic boasts a number of refined details that add to the performance and make it a winner. Firstly it is made of steel, so it is built to last and take the knocks from a winter of use on mixed snow, ice and rock. You get 3D stamping to add extra strength. You get 12 points, and the layout is complex to provide a little more traction on slopes. You get anti-balling plates, and the design actively disperses snow thanks to its bubble design, plus you also get an accordion (a piece of rubber) along the linking bar to prevent snow build-up at the heel breast. Fitting is quick and easy as the crampons have an adjustable heel clip with straps linking to a front toe strap. Adjustment too is easy. I like how the anti-balling plates can be easily removed if required for replacement, while some rival crampons require a screwdriver for this task. Instructions are good. All those features for just 986g and £85 is an excellent package, that should suit the needs of most serious winter walkers and low-grade mountaineers who are wearing C2-compatible 4-season walking and mountaineering boots. But these are not the lightest crampons available. The spikes are perhaps a little shorter than on some other crampons, which means they are not so good for deep snow, but better for ice and also less likely to snag on gaiters or catch on rocks so easily, so your choice will depend on your destination. You don’t get a crampon bag, but then you don’t with most crampons. There are lower-priced models of course, but do they offer the features? Like all C2 crampons these can only be used on stiff 4-season B2 boots, so if you have a bendy 3-4 season B1 boot, you‘ll need to check out the C1 crampons.


Classification: C2
Materials: NiCrMo steel
Sizes: one size fits 35-46
Weight: 986g including anti-balling plates
Made in Italy
Stores in UK: England 66; Wales 12; Scotland 33; Ireland 2

Verdict: Buy it if you want an all-rounder C2 crampon for winter walking and mountaineering, as well as glacier travel in the UK or abroad where you are expecting a mix of snow, ice and rock under foot.