Grivel Air Tech New Classic

These are 12 point crampons with a little extra attention to detail. The points are a mixed bag of short, serrated and rotated configurations that provide extra grip on slopes and traverses. The points are shorter than some others too, which prevents snagging and tripping but also makes them ideal for mixed rock and ice terrain, which is so common in typically mild UK winters. There’s 3D relief stamping throughout for extra strength too. The crampons are supplied with Grivel’s AntiBott anti-balling plates, which actively force the snow out of from the base of the boot. These plates can also be replaced without the need for tools. The binding system comprises of a heel and toe moulding and straps. A good set of instructions with diagrams ensure fitting is easy. Better still, they are compact when stowed in a pack. But they have a high price tag, so you need to be sure that you want all those natty extra design features. The front points are very sharp, making them much better for steeper ice, but much more likely to catch on your gaiters and therefore less suitable for beginners. They‘re also a bit heavier than some other crampons, and crampons with a heel clip are faster to fit.

Materials NiCroMo Steel
Classification C2
Sizes one size to fit 35-46
Weight 916g pair with anti-balling plates
Made in Italy
Stores in UK 35

Verdict Excellent grip on mixed terrain and superb anti-balling plates, but others are even faster to fit.