Edelrid Raid (2013)

The Edelrid Raid has a modular head design, which allows a hammer or a range of different picks to be fitted or replaced to suit the needs of those on expeditions, high alpine ground and more demanding snow and ice routes where a pair of axes may be used. There is a slight curve in the shaft so that the axe performs better on steeper ground. As the axe is designed to be used for climbing as well as walking there is a hand rest built into the spike for additional control on steep ground, and if you are confident enough this negates the need for a leash, but less confident users will wish to add one as it does not come supplied with one. It is quite heavy compared to others here, so if you’re needing a lightweight general walking axe then this is not the best choice. At £125 it is not the lowest-priced option either, so again this is a considered purchase. But if you’re heading for more challenging winter walking or mountaineering terrain then the Edelrid Raid is well worth the extra cash.

Classification technical
Materials hardened steel pick and spike, alloy shaft
Sizes 50, 60cm
Weight 610g (60cm)


The Edelrid Raid was the best mountaineering ice axe in our test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2013