Edelrid Raid 2012

A modular head – complete with reverse curved pick – highlights the technical nature of the Edelrid Raid. A hammer head can replace the adze so that when used as a pair the Raid can be a climbing tool. But don’t be deceived; although it’s very handy on steep ice and mixed ground it’s just as able on gentler slopes. There’s sufficient clearance with the pick to allow a self arrest, and the shaft is not too curved that it compromises plunging into snow. One small but important feature is the ‘hand trigger’ built into the ferrule. Developed alongside leashless climbing tools, it aids grip greatly and is handy when front pointing on steep terrain as it stops the axe shooting out of your hand. If you are confident enough, it eliminates the need for a leash. Despite appearances this type of feature has little effect on an axe’s ability to plunge into snow. The Edelrid Raid is an extremely robust tool that will handle knocks and perform in all mountain situations from winter walking through to Grade 3 gullies.

Classification technical
Materials curved aluminium shaft (7075T6), hardened
steel pick
Sizes 50, 60cm
Weight 610g (60cm)
Website www.edelrid.de


The Edelrid Raid is best for mountaineering.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2012