Edelrid Gladius Pro 2011

The reverse curved pick alludes to the technical nature of the Edelrid Gladius Pro, but don’t be deceived, for although it is very handy on steep ice and mixed ground it is just as able on the gentler slopes. There is sufficient clearance with the pick to allow a self arrest, and the shaft is not too curved that it compromises plunging into snow. It can be paired with a hammer version, making an ideal choice for technical climbing as well as general mountaineering. It comes with a very supportive leash that can be adjusted for use while walking or climbing. But there’s little to fault the Edelrid Gladius Pro; however the rubber grip would be better if it was recessed. It also has one of the highest price tags here, so you need to be sure the benefits are worth the extra outlay.

Classification technical
Materials hardened steel head, tubular steel shaft
Sizes 60cm
Weight 650g (with leash)
Made in Germany
Stores in the UK no info provided

The Edelrid Gladius Pro is an extremely robust tool that will take the knocks and performs with aplomb in all mountaineering situations.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011