DMM Aiguille 2009

The DMM Aiguille is a substantial 12-point crampon with epoxy coating for durability. The spikes are a medium length with two sets rotated through 90º for traction in snow. The key four spikes under the forefoot have serrated edges for added traction on rock. The plate has a fairly stiff flex offering a good level of longitudinal and lateral support, making them ideal for tackling steep ground and climbs. The anti-balling plates are simple clip-on affairs that cover the heel and the forefoot but not the plate. Fitting is simple and can be achieved with only a screwdriver. The are held in place by a heel clip and a thermoplastic toe cradle. But the DMM Aiguille is relatively heavy and the low degree of flex it offers is more suited to steep terrain than walking. Not designed for use on walking boots.

Classification C2
Materials EN47 steel
Sizes 36-48
Weight 1050g including anti-balling plates
Made in Wales
Stores in the UK 250
Stockist details tel. (01286) 872222,
If you are looking for a crampon for mountaineering and moderate climbing then DMM Aiguille crampons are a worthwhile investment and will last many years.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2009