Climbing Technology Nuptse Semiautomatic 2011

At £85 for a set of 12 point semi-automatic crampons the Climbing Technology Nuptse Semiautomatics are extremely good value. The build quality is businesslike and robust rather than slick-looking, but nevertheless they do the job. They have a conventional spike layout with 3D contoured front points and mid-length spikes. With one-touch length adjustment and a positive heel plate they are a doddle to adjust and fit. Their configuration is suited to tackling rock and ice as well as varying types of snow, which makes them suitable for walking and mid-grade climbing at home and abroad. However their build quality is not quite up there with the likes of Petzl, Grivel and Black Diamond so you should not expect to get as many miles out of them as the top brands.

Classification C2
Materials hardened steel
Sizes one size to fit 36-46 (long extension bar to 50 available)
Weight 945g (pair including anti-balling plates)
Made in Italy
Stores in the UK Cotswold Outdoor, Tiso’s, Joe Brown’s

Climbing Technology’s Nuptse Semiautomatics are perfect for those who want mountaineering crampons but don’t want to break the bank. They won ‘Best Value’ in our review.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011