Climbing Technology Nevis 2011

Designed specifically for British hills, the Climbing Technology Nevis is a good basic 10 point walking crampon with a robust build quality. It is easy to adjust and fit, and it compresses to fit neatly in your rucksack. The spikes are mid-length, which suits movement over the thin mixture of snow and ice over rock usually experienced under British winter conditions. For added strength the front points have 3D contouring. These crampons are well-suited to walkers who tackle peaks rather than climbs, and ideal for glacier travel. But the anti-balling plates are very basic, which means you may still have to check for them balling up when moving through soft snow.

Classification C1
Materials hardened steel
Sizes one size to fit 36-46 (long extension bar to 50 available)
Weight 945g (pair including anti-balling plates)
Made in Italy
Stores in the UK Cotswold Outdoor, Tiso’s,  Joe Brown’s

The Climbing Technology Nevis is an ideal entry-level crampon that is good value for money.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2011