Camp Stalker

Trail has reviewed this crampon favourably for a couple of years. It is a great all-rounder with a good price and a good weight coupled with all the key features needed for a day on the winter hills. Anti-balling plates fitted straight from the box. Four of the 12 points are arranged to prevent slipping forwards or backwards on snow slopes. The spikes are a good length for general use too, being neither too long (which would encourage snagging) nor too short (which would reduce grip). I also like how you can easily replace the anti-balling plates with a fresh pair, as they don’t require tools to remove them. The instructions are very clear, allowing you to easily fit and adjust these crampons to your boots. You even get a reasonable crampon bag thrown in for the price. That makes these absolute winners in terms of value for money. But some C2 crampons have a heel clip, which makes them faster and easier to fit. The anti-balling plates are better on some other crampons as those fitted here are stiff, flat rubber and so do not actively displace snow. Some crampons have a more elaborate spike arrangement to improve grip even further, while other crampons are lighter.

Vital stats
Classification C1
Materials NiCroMo steel
Sizes one size fits 36-48
Weight 972g including anti-balling plates
Made in Italy
Stores in UK 70

Verdict: The best value-for-money C1 crampon on the market and ideal for general winter walking and easier mountaineering