Camp Neve (2013)

The Camp Neve is a relatively lightweight ice axe that comes in a wide range of sizes, which makes it ideal for general hillwalking. The axe has a straight alloy shaft, rather than the precurved design provided by higher-priced tools; but for general walking this is all you need so it is no drawback. There is no rubber grip on the shaft so you need to take a firmer hold to securely control the axe, and the leash is rather basic compared to higher-priced options; but again these two features are no great problem for general walking. The head of the Camp Neve is a relatively plain design too and lacks the intricate shape of some pricier axes, but once more it has a good design for general walking and ice axe braking. There is a good plastic ferrule between the shaft and spike to provide a smooth plant into the snow and also a plastic ferrule between shaft and head to improve comfort in the hand. So while the design may not be as elaborate as costlier models, it is hard to find a better axe at this price – and most winter walkers will feel the Camp Neve provides all they need on the British hills.

Classification basic (B)
Materials forged NiCroMo steel pick with alloy shaft
Sizes 50, 57, 65, 73, 80cm
Weight 485g (57cm)


The Camp Neve was the best-value hillwalking ice axe in our test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2013