Camp Magix (2013)

To get a good grip on snow and ice in almost any situation a pair of Camp Magix crampons is ideal, and it’s a good-value option too at £85. One problem with any traction device is that they tend to clog with snow and ice, known as ‘balling up’, but the Magix come fitted with a pair of anti-balling plates that prevent snow from sticking to the base. To keep a grip the Magix have 10 points, including two front points for tackling steep slopes. The eight remaining points are rotated through 45 degrees to prevent them sliding through soft snow and to further reduce balling up, which again improves performance. The spikes are 2.5cm long, so they are more than capable of biting into ice that has a covering of snow. Fitting is via a toe and heel cradle plus some straps, and length adjustment is easy. They are rated as C1, which means they are best used on a boot that has some stiffness such as 3-4 season boot or a 4-season boot. At 855g including the anti-balling plates they are also relatively lightweight. So for most people the Camp Magix will be an ideal crampons for bagging Munros and exploring the winter fells.

Materials steel
Sizes one size fits 36-48cm
Weight 855g (pair, including anti-balling plates)


The Camp Magix crampons are the best value for hill and mountain walking in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2013