Camp Magix 10 (2014)

The Camp Magix 10 is a well-priced general-purpose crampon with 10 points (including two front points), providing good grip on a wide variety of terrain. Anti-balling plates are pre-fitted, to help prevent snow from sticking to the base of them. The spikes are 2.5cm in length so they’re effective at cutting through a layer of snow to the ice beneath, while not being so long that they easily snag on rocks or trousers. The eight downward-facing spikes are all rotated through 45 degrees so they provide better grip on gentle slopes. The crampons are easily adjusted lengthwise via a central bar and fit securely on boots thanks to the straps that link the toe and heel cradle. At 855g, including the anti-balling plates, they’re heavier than an eight-point crampon, but relatively lightweight compared to some other 10- or 12-point crampons. For this type of crampon the price is very good too, so overall they’re ideal for most hillwalkers who will step off the easier paths occasionally, but won’t be tackling the steepest winter slopes. For a crampon that offers a kind of halfway house, they are pretty tough to beat.

Classification C1
Materials steel
Sizes one size fits 36-48cm
Weight 855g (pair including anti-balling plates)



The Camp Magix 10 was voted the crampon that offered the best of both worlds in this test.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2014