Camp Corsa

At just 280g for a 70cm model, this ice axe is exceptionally low in weight. In these times of minimal snow during winter, this low weight makes this ideal for carrying ‘just in case’ you get proper snow coverage. The axe is a basic classification, so it’s ideal for walking. The head is a very lightweight design with a very small adze and a short pick compared to others. The shaft does not get a conventional spike, but instead is simply cut to a spike shape. A plug in the shaft end prevents snow from collecting inside the shaft during placement. Easy to carry and easy to wield, this axe is at home on a rucksack or while walking over easier terrain and glaciers. But it is not as well-balanced as others, so if you need to swing the pick or adze to cut steps or negotiate steeper ground it is not ideal. The small size of the head also means it is not as efficient at chopping steps. There is no leash or hand grip either.

Vital stats

Classification basic

Materials 7075-T6 alloy shaft; welded head

Sizes 50, 60, 70cm

Weight 280g (size 70cm without leash)

Made in Italy

Stores in UK 32


Verdict Great if you just need a lightweight basic axe for relatively easy terrain, but it’s not ideal for regular use, particularly on steeper terrain.