Black Diamond Neve Strap

If you want to save weight, these crampons are ideal as they are 300g lighter than some others. They have 10 points, and four of these are rotated through 90 degrees to add a little extra grip. Length adjustment is easy to adjust due to the spring lock mechanism of the central bar, while heel and toe mouldings make fitting reasonably easy. The anti-balling plates come pre-attached, so you can grab these crampons and go. Instructions are also provided, giving details of how to fit and care for the crampons. Use these for ski-touring or days when snow is either going to be minimal or not necessarily expected, and they are ideal. But the aluminium used will wear down faster than steel, so care is required in the use of these crampons and they are certainly not ideal for mixed rock and ice terrain. The anti-balling plates are screwed in place so you’ll need a screwdriver to replace them. There are only 10 short points so you don’t get as much grip as others. The instructions are not annotated.

Materials aluminium
Classification C1
Sizes one size to fit 34-46
Weight 614g pair with anti-balling plates
Made in USA

Verdict A superb lightweight option but not as durable as steel crampons so only advised for minimal use on good snow, rather than regular use on mixed terrain