Black Diamond Glissade

This is a very close-fitting winter glove that offers a higher level of freedom of movement and a closer fit than most. What is very noticeable is the thumb profile, which really enhances dexterity and fit. The glove has a long, narrow gauntlet that can be worn inside the cuff of your waterproof jacket. Elastication at the wrist plus a cuff drawcord makes the fit neat and close. The leather palms offer durability and there is a ‘sticky’ section between thumb and forefinger for extra grip on trekking poles or ice axes. You also get a soft nose wipe on the thumb. The fleece lining provides reasonable warmth and you could combine it with a thin liner glove for extra insulation. These features make it ideal for climbing, handling trekking poles, holding ice axes and gripping rock while scrambling. But this glove is not as warm as other gloves here. Also there is no removable liner provided. Although the fit and dexterity are very good, the finger tips could possibly be even better if the seams were moved from the finger tip ends to the tops of the fingers as featured in other gloves.


Material: waterproof shell; leather palm; fleece liner
Sizes: S-XL (men’s); XS-L (women’s)
Made in China
Stores in UK: no info provided

Verdict: Buy it if you want a very close-fitting, sensitive glove for moderately cold weather then this is ideal if you prefer a closer fit.