Black Diamond Contact Strap 2009

The Black Diamond Contact Strap is an outstanding crampon, thanks to its low weight and top-notch build quality. It also comes fitted with anti-balling plates as standard and these are an elaborate design to improve their resistance to snow build up. There are10 points, four rotated through 90 degrees to improve grip on slopes and some 3D stamping adds to their strength too. Adjustment is simple and the crampons can be easily fitted to boots with the straps. Compared to others models, the price is very good too at £70 when you consider what you are getting. These have not gone up in price since 2006 either. These are a very clean design that is easy to use and ideal for general winter walking. They offer a good level of stability so when paired with the right boots they will tackle steeper terrain. But the Black Diamond Contact Strap’s spike points are very sharp, so you might snag these quite easily on gaiters before they wear down. The instructions do not feature diagrams so these aren’t the best for beginners. There are only 10 points rather than 12, so grip isn’t the best.

Classification C2
Materials NiCroMo steel
Sizes one size fits 34-46
Weight 880g including anti-balling plates
Made in USA
Stores no info provided
Stockist details tel. (01629) 580484,

The Black Diamond Contact Strap is a quality lightweight walking crampon that will allow you to tackle the odd bit of steep stuff. This 10-point model only just missed the top spot in our review, and was awarded ‘Best value’.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine January 2009