Vaude Crestone (2015)


The Ceplex Advanced fabric used in the Vaude Crestone is Bluesign-approved, meaning it meets stringent environmental standards. It is a 2.5-layer fabric, so it’s not quite as good as 3-layer materials for condensation management. But it is light at 313g (size L) and you still get two main pockets, plus a third chest pocket, a hood with a wired peak, and pit zips, which is remarkable at this weight. 4/5


The Crestone comes in sizes S-XXL for men and 34-44 for women. The fit is slightly closer than some others, but I found the sleeves or hem did ride up when raising my arms. The hood fit was good but it did not move with the head as well as higher-priced jackets. The wired peak fits very well, though, to protect the face. 3/5


As with all 2.5-layer fabrics, condensation isn’t controlled as well as in 3-layer jackets and it feels a little clammier in general. But you do get pit zips to aid ventilation. The pockets are sealed so no water gets through them. The close-fitting sleeves and soft fabric mean warm air is not easily trapped here, so it can feel a bit chilly. 4/5

In use

The Vaude Crestone is better than most. The two large pockets are ideal for maps or to warm hands. The third chest pocket is good for a GPS or compass. The peak is excellent, and the hood moves just about well enough with the head to be better than some. Condensation is the main drawback. 4/5


The pros outweigh the cons when the cost is considered, as while not perfect this jacket is very good at the price. 4/5


A very light weight combined with good pockets and a reasonable hood make the Vaude Crestone a good choice for the cost-conscious hillwalker. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2015