Sprayway Rhythm

The Rhythm is a pleasant jacket to wear with a rugged outer fabric that avoids some of the plasticky feeling you often get on the inside of some lightweight jackets. The Cocona technology really does seem to work at increasing the breathability of the top, with moisture soon lifting away from the body and preventing any clamminess on the inside, especially on warmer spring walks. It’s the excellent wicking function of the top that really elevates this jacket in terms of performance. Its cut is quite short, which may put off traditional walkers, but it’s typical of lightweight models. The hood is excellent with a wire peak and good cinch adjustment to really help batten down the hatches on a wet and blustery day.

Fabric: Cocona Xcelerator
Weight: 423g
Women’s version: Melody
Contact: 0161 366 5020; www.sprayway.com
• Review from Country Walking magazine, May ’11