Rab Muztag (2015)


This 2015 jacket uses a very lightweight version of eVent fabric called DV Storm with a 3-layer construction so the inside layer can manage condensation. The fabric is said to be 20 per cent more breathable than standard eVent. You also get two huge chest pockets plus a hood with a wired peak along with face drawcords and rear volume adjustment. 5/5


The Rab Muztag comes in size S-XXL for men and 8-16 for women. The cut and fit are similar to others with a length that doesn’t cover the bum and a fit that is averagely close. The sleeves and hem don’t ride up easily and the hood is superb, a close fit allowing it to move effortlessly with the head to maintain vision. 5/5


The 3-layer eVent DV Storm fabric feels great and appears to manage condensation really well, without being too crinkly. Like all thin fabric it tends to buckle in the wind so it’s not the warmest. As the pockets aren’t mesh they will keep you dry, but you cannot use them as vents, though you have a front zip for that. 5/5

In use

The two large pockets are ideal for hands or map. I’d like a third ideally (but then it would weigh more). The weight is ideal for summer and the hood is fine all year round. Other Rab jackets will probably be more durable in the long term, but for hillwalkers this is ideal. 5/5


Compared to other jackets the price is actually really good, but clearly £200 is not the cheapest option. 4/5


Taking everything into account, the Rab Muztag is one of the best lightweight hillwalking jackets around, assuming you are able to splash out on the price tag. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2015