Rab Latock/Latock Alpine (2015)


The Rab Latock/Latock Alpine is an exceptionally functional jacket using a tough 3-layer eVent fabric for durable levels of waterproofness and breathability. There are four massive chest pockets, long pit zips and a helmet-compatible hood with a wired peak. The front zip is also one of the chunkier and more water-resistant designs that I have seen, with a very robust internal flap to funnel any water away. 5/5


Sizes are men’s (Latock) XS-XXL and women’s (Latock Alpine) 8-16. The fit is slightly looser than others, although I did get a small amount of movement in the hem when raising my arms. The body is a touch longer than others so it more easily covered my bum, while the hood fits nice and close, and moves easily with the head. 5/5


The Rab Latock/Latock Alpine is quite a heavy and stiff jacket so it feels very protective in a wind, but softer and lighter jackets feel nicer in less challenging conditions. The fabric is stiff enough to resist wind though and the sleeves have a looser cut so you can easily wear insulation underneath. Add in that tiny extra length here and overall this is great in the mountains, but heavy. 4/5

In use

You feel like you are well-protected and it is easy to stash maps and gloves in those four huge chest pockets. The hood once adjusted really locks to your head, allowing superb vision. Pit zips provide some ventilation control while the front zip is extremely stiff and robust to really keep out wind and rain. But if you take it off that weight sits heavy in your pack. 4/5


There are a lot of pockets and zips plus a very durable material, so the Rab Latock/Latock Alpine is better value than some. 3/5


The Rab Latock/Latock Alpine is built like a tank and ready to take on the worst of weather; but it may be tougher than you need sometimes and it is also quite heavy. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015