Rab Infinity

This jacket uses man-made Primaloft One insulation instead of any natural down filling, with the immediate result being that it is not as warm as down equivalents. For general use it’s fine, although you will want to keep moving when it’s truly perishing. The thinner grade of insulation also makes it more versatile and useful for a wider range of conditions as it can easily be worn as a mid-layer below a waterproof jacket when it’s colder without becoming stuffy. It also has excellent windproofing qualities although a strong icy wind on the Kent coast managed to push it to its extreme. The Pertex Quantum GL fabric is incredibly lightweight and as a result does feel a bit fly-away and fragile with a semi-transparent look. Fragility isn’t a problem at all however, as it is incredibly tear-resistant. The highly technical look might not be for everyone, though.

Sizes: XS-XXL
Fabric: Pertex® Quantum GL 10d
Insulation: 60g Primaloft® One
Weight: 327g
Women’s version available: Yes
Contact: 01773 601 870; www.rab.uk.com