Rab Atmos (2015)


Pertex Shield Plus is the main fabric: a well- proven 3-layer laminate with extremely high levels of waterproofness and breathability. It is also thin, making it lighter than most, hence the Rab Atmos only weighs 303g (size L). You get two good chest pockets and a hood with a stiffened, but not wired, peak. Other jackets have more features, but this is lighter. 4/5


In men’s sizes XS-XXL and women’s 8-16, this jacket has a fit that’s slightly closer than some others but there’s still room underneath for insulating layers such as fleeces. The body is typically short but you get slightly better movement in the sleeves than other jackets, without even a hint of a cuff or hemline rising. The hood also fits superbly. 5/5


The weight and slightly closer fit coupled with the unrestrictive movement make the Rab Atmos feel very comfortable. As with all thinner fabrics, though, it does buckle more easily in strong winds so it can feel a little chillier than a stiffer and heavier garment. The pockets are sealed, however, so no water can creep through them. Overall this is excellent. 5/5

In use

The Rab Atmos has two large chest pockets that are great for hands or maps, but a third would be useful. The hood fits well and has a very good stiffened peak. I’d prefer this to be wired for maximum performance, but to be fair it is very well-designed. This is not as durable as higher-priced jackets, so some care is needed if you scramble or treat jackets roughly. 4/5


The price is very good for what you are getting here – namely great fabric, great features and low weight. 4/5


If you want a lightweight jacket with practical features for hillwalking then this is it, but heavier jackets have advantages too. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015