Paramo Vista

When walking hard uphill, the Vista really helps to pass sweat out through to the outside and prevent a build-up of moisture on the inside. In fact it doesn’t really feel like a traditional hard shell jacket, with a soft, loose touch. A bit too warm on hotter days, especially if you plan to throw it on in a summer shower, its price puts it squarely into the league of an all-year-round jacket, and Paramo’s Analogy system will cope with most conditions pretty well. What makes the Vista fit into the lightweight category compared to other Paramo tops, is the lighter weight face fabric which does feel a little flimsy, even if its ripstop fabric means it is in fact fairly hard-wearing. As a style it’s rather baggy, and it’s also a little difficult to access the pockets from under a rucksack belt.

Fabric: Nikwax Analogy
Weight: 595g
Women’s version: Unisex
Contact: 01892 786444;
• Review from Country Walking magazine, May ’11