Paramo Velez Adventure Smock

Uses Nikwax Analogy waterproofing and works in a similar way to animal fur, driving moisture out and away from the skin. The waterproofing is handled by a DWR coating on the face fabric. The coating retained its water repellence for a longer period than expected, and only really started to wet out in high abrasion areas around the back and shoulders. This is certainly not a top for warmer weather, though, and although the system works very well at drawing away sweat, it still remains warm inside. There are some vents and the wide, cuffed sleeves can be rolled up, but the bulky material is still warm. In wet and cooler conditions, it’s hard to fault.

Materials: Analogy waterproof by Nikwax
Weight: 764g
Pockets: 2
Women’s version: Yes
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