Paramo Velez Adventure Light Smock (2012)

This is the lightest of Páramo’s super-breathable waterproofs and there are soft shells on the market that feel clammier than this. It has superb weatherproofness when it does take a hammering, and the Nikwax Analogy fabric sheds water with ease, while the hood is deep, comfortable and boasts an adjustable wired peak. It’s best-suited to people who run cool or do their walking in colder places or seasons, as it’s a lot warmer to wear than the other jackets tested and heavier in the pack if it needs to be carried. But if your temperature is comfortable, you wouldn’t swap it for anything.

Sizes: S-XXL
Fabric: Analogy Light Waterproof by Nikwax
Weight: 575g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 01892 786444;


Review from Country Walking magazine, May 2012