Páramo Aspira Jacket 2008

The Páramo Aspira Jacket controls condensation better than most alternatives due to its unique fabric, which also remains waterproof indefinitely if treated with Nikwax, unlike conventional waterproofs that leak if punctured. It’s also warmer than most jackets, making it ideal for winter. The material works really well at keeping out driving rain and the jacket is longer than most, so the overall effect is you stay drier for longer in an Aspira. The jacket has excellent movement in the sleeves, there are four chest pockets and three are map-sized. As the jacket is warm you get upper arm vents to help keep you cool. The hood fits over helmets and has a wired peak and good adjustment to allow good movement when climbing. The Páramo Aspira also comes in a smock version and this year there is a ladies’ version too. A great jacket for winter action. But the extra warmth could be a drawback if winter is fickle and strangely warm. Also the weight of the jacket is higher than most, although in cold weather you won’t need as many insulating layers of course either. The hood does not move or fit quite as well as the best here. You can force water through the jacket when sitting, but it tends to dry very quickly.

Outer: Nikwax Windproof
Inner: Nikwax Analogy Pump liner
Fabric waterproofness: water-resistant/waterproof
Fabric breathability: extremely breathable
Sizes: S-XL (men’s); XS-XL (women’s)
Weight: 924g (men’s L)
Made in: Colombia
Stores in the UK: 50

Verdict: The Páramo Aspira is an ethically sound jacket that’s ideal for winter but the extra warmth and weight can be drawbacks in mild conditions.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine November 2008