Páramo Alta III (2015)


This is the latest update to the iconic Páramo Alta. The most important feature with all Páramo jackets is the use of the company’s Nikwax Analogy fabric system, which is extremely breathable, but also soft and relatively rustle-free. Features include a wired peak, two large chest pockets and two hip pockets. There are zip vents under the arms too. 5/5


Available for men in sizes S-XXL and for women in XS-XL, the Páramo Alta III’s fit is a little neater than previous versions. The length is similar to others in this feature and remains the same as previous versions for men, although the women’s is 2.5cm longer. Movement in the sleeves was superb with no cuff or hem riding up in evidence. 5/5


The Páramo Alta III feels very nice on and manages sweat better than others, but it is quite warm and heavy – two factors that make it better for winter, rather than summer when it may end up being carried. The length is typical of many jackets here, being not quite long enough to really provide maximum protection, but still a good length to maintain comfort for most walkers. 4/5

In use

This jacket is great in colder conditions but it can be too warm even with those small arm vents open. Access to the lower pockets is possible but it will depend on the hipbelt design of your pack how easy this is and better access is available in other jackets. The two chest pockets are great, but the hood movement is not quite as good as the best. 3/5


The Páramo Alta III’s price is relatively competitive, but you do get some better features if you spend more. 4/5


The Páramo Alta III is an updated version of an iconic jacket; but it is still not the absolute best choice for hillwalking in terms of some features. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015