Montane Minimus (2015)


At just 265g (L) the Montane Minimus is exceptionally light, and the features are minimalist to reach that goal. The main weight saving comes from the Pertex Shield + fabric, which is very thin and feels quite delicate. Also the three pockets have mesh linings, to save weight. But at least you get all those pockets, and the hood has a wired peak, so this has some important features. 4/5


This is available in sizes S-XL for men and 8-16 for women. The fit is quite close with an average length. The sleeve movement is very good with no movement in the hem or cuffs when raising the arms. The hood also fits exceptionally well with excellent movement, and the wired peak is superb. 5/5


The close fit combined with the very thin fabric makes the Montane Minimus feel quite cold in a strong wind as any warm insulating air is easily squashed out. Also the pockets are mesh-lined so water can creep in through them. The close fit means there is less space for extra insulation underneath. 3/5

In use

The weight of 265g (L) means you’d barely notice the Montane Minimus in a rucksack. The hood is great and all three pockets take an OS map, but they’re mesh-lined, so water can get in. Also, lower pocket access isn’t great with a rucksack. The weight and hood are the benefits. 3/5


The price is appealing and it is a very lightweight jacket so it compares well to those with higher price tags, but it has drawbacks too. 3/5


Buy the Montane Minimus for the low weight and you will love it, but it inevitably has drawbacks that some hillwalkers will not want to tolerate. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2015