Montane Atomic (2015)


The Montane Atomic is made from Pertex Shield fabric, which boasts good waterproofness and breathability but isn’t as good as Pertex Shield + used in the Montane Minimus, although it does feel more robust. The two mesh-lined chest pockets would be better if sealed, but they have good access; and the hood gets a wired peak with face and volume adjustment. 4/5


Available in men’s sizes S-XXL and for women in sizes 8-16. The body is typical of all these lightweight jackets in many ways, but with a slightly closer fit. The cuffs and hem move a bit when the arms are raised but not too much. The hood is exceptional with a great fit and superior movement to allow easy vision. 4/5


This version of Pertex Shield is stiffer than Pertex Shield + fabric used on the Montane Minimus, so while not as light, it is warmer and comfier. Condensation builds up on the inside more than with Pertex Shield + though. The pockets are mesh-lined so good for venting, but water can creep in through them. 3/5

In use

The Montane Atomic’s weight is good and the two pockets large enough for OS maps while allowing access if wearing a rucksack with a hipbelt. The hood is ideal for hillwalking thanks to that wired peak and great movement. My niggles? The pockets are mesh-lined, so water can creep in, and condensation can be a problem. 4/5


The Atomic’s price is very good and as it has a great hood and large easy-to-access pockets, this is the best option we looked at under £150. 5/5


I’d like the pockets not to be mesh; but apart from that the Montane Atomic is an excellent lightweight jacket for hillwalkers who can’t extend their budget beyond its price tag. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2015