Mammut Crater (2014)

The Mammut Crater has those all-important two large chest pockets that can be used to warm hands or store maps with easy access while wearing a rucksack. In addition you get pit zips for improved condensation control. The hood is helmet-compatible and benefits from a stiffened (but not wired) peak, a rear volume adjuster and face drawcords. All that is a pretty good though not a perfect combination as a third chest pocket would be useful.

This jacket is only available for men and comes in sizes S-XXL. The fit is slightly longer than options, so it covered by groin. Sleeve movement was good but not the best as I did get some movement in the cuffs when I scrambled but it was minimal. The hood is superb as it sticks to and moves well with my head and the stiffened peak allows great vision.

The body is made from 3-layer Gore-Tex, rather than the Pro version, so has proven performance that should provide long-term durable waterproofness and breathability at a very high level, but if you pay more you can get even better performance. The pit zips do allow extra ventilation though. It feels slightly stiffer than lighter jackets, which I like as this then feels warmer in really windy conditions. The Mammut Crater is slightly heavier than some though.

Overall the performance is ideal for most hillwalkers, scramblers and anyone wanting to bag summits in foul weather. But there will be those that would prefer a third external chest pocket that could be used for a map, compass or GPS receiver. The weight is slightly high, which some will view as a drawback; and some may prefer not to have pit zips that add weight and bulk. Would a wired peak be even better? What you get here is very good though.

t £250 you might expect everything but you don't get it all. In the Mammut Crater you get a great fabric and some very well-designed features. The price is better than average for what you get.

For hillwalking, scrambling and bagging Munros the Mammut Crater is a great option, but some may prefer a third chest pocket and less weight.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine November 2014