Lowe Alpine Grand Teton (2015)



Using Triplepoint Eco, an environmentally friendly material, with a Sympatex waterproof breathable membrane, the Lowe Alpine Grand Teton jacket feels nice and stiff and robust to combat mountain weather. It has two main pockets and a useful third chest pocket that is large enough for maps. The Raptor Hood has a wired peak and great adjustment at the face and rear. 5/5


Available in size S-XL for men and 8-16 for women, this feels stiff at first, which I like as it protects against the high winds of a mountain day far better than a thinner, suppler jacket. The length covered my bum and the movement in the sleeves was stunning with no hem or cuff movement. The hood moves better than most with the head and has a great wired peak. 5/5


The material is stiffer than most and the Lowe Alpine Grand Teton is heavier than most at 613g (size L), but it is that stiffness that improves comfort on a windy day as this jacket fends off the wind to keep you warmer inside. The waterproofness and breathability of Sympatex is well-proven, and as this is a 3-layer fabric any condensation is well-hidden. 5/5

In use

Most of this jacket, like the hood and sleeves and material, is perfect for the hillwalker who wants to get out whatever the weather. The one major problem is that the two lower pockets are too low, so their access is easily obscured by rucksack belts, although as this jacket is slightly longer than many you can sometimes get your hands into them below some sack belts. 4/5


This is the best jacket we looked at for wild mountain days but you have to pay a little more for that level of protection. 3/5


The Lowe Alpine Grand Teton is the only jacket in our test I’d want to use regularly in the wind and rain of the UK hills, but the weight and pocketing are not ideal. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Spring 2015