Kathmandu Patronus (2012)

Here’s a lightweight jacket made from very breathable Gore-Tex Active Shell. It feels great to wear, very unrestrictive. It also feels reassuringly tough, unlike some lighter jackets, and should withstand some heavy use. It’s cut quite short and doesn’t cover the hips, but there’s plenty of length in the arms. The cuffs are adjusted with a zip, which keeps them looking neater, but doesn’t offer the versatility of Velcro. It’s got an excellent hood and a fleece chin guard, and the zip is angled away from the chin for comfort. Disappointingly, it’s only got one pocket, on the side, which offers limited versatility. There’s a mesh vent between the shoulderblades, protected by a flap – great for breathability but at the expense of total waterproofness. 

Sizes: 8-16
Fabric: Gore-Tex Active Shell
Weight: 200g
Men’s version: Yes
Contact: 0800 066 5018; www.kathmandu.co.uk


Review from Country Walking magazine, May 2012