Jöttnar Hymir (2015)


There are lots of ways to save weight, and the Jöttnar Hymir strips away features to achieve its 346g (L). So it is a smock design with a short front zip, and it’s relatively free of seams too. There is only one pocket, but it does take a map. The hood gets a wired peak as well as face drawcords and rear volume adjustment. Other jackets have many more features. 3/5


This jacket just comes in sizes S-XL; there is no women’s option. It is designed for climbing so the fit is reasonably close but you still get good arm movement without the hem or cuffs riding up. The large helmet-compatible hood cinches down neatly to fit and move with the head very well. The length is similar to others. 5/5


The Jöttnar Hymir uses the lightest type of Polartec Neoshell fabric, so its breathability is exceptionally good. It is a 3-layer material, so an inner scrim soaks up and helps disperse any condensation. There is less ventilation due to the short front zip, and like most lightweights the fabric easily buckles in the wind. But overall it is great. 5/5

In use

If you don’t need pockets for hands, or a full-length front zip, this is the best jacket in our test. You can put a map in the single chest pocket and that pocket isn’t mesh-lined, so water cannot creep through. The hood is outstanding. But for hillwalking it isn’t ideal. 4/5


The price is higher than some other jackets with more features, meaning it's not the best-value purchase. 3/5


If you like smocks and don’t need two pockets then the Jöttnar Hymir is perfect, but it’s not the lightest in terms of weight or price. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine July 2015