Haglöfs Oz Pullover 2008

The Haglöfs Oz Pullover  is an extremely popular jacket that is ideal if low weight is your main priority. It uses Gore-Tex Paclite fabric so high levels of waterproofness and breathability are ensured, while the simple design means there are fewer seams, which further improves breathability and makes the most of the weight advantage of Paclite. It is a smock design with minimal features to keep the weight down. But you do get a hem drawcord plus elasticated cuffs to keep draughts out. There is one pocket on the chest too that is okay for a small item like a compass. The hood is a fixed design that has excellent movement and fit, and provides great protection. It is the minimalist design that really sets this jacket apart and makes it ideal for hill-walking, biking or climbing when you want to travel as light as possible.  But with the Haglöfs Oz Pullover you may miss a pocket for a map, or to keep your hands warm and dry. Gore-Tex Paclite is well known for exposing any condensation on the inside of the fabric and in this department Gore-Tex Pro-Shell jackets are better. The large, soft hood peak can easily obscure the view. Reflective material is only found on the front pocket.

Outer Gore-Tex Paclite

Inner none

Fabric waterproofness extremely waterproof

Fabric breathability extremely breathable

Sizes S-XXL (men’s); 8-18 (women’s)

Weight 184g (L)

Made in China

Stores in the UK no info providedVerdict

If weight is your number one priority, the Haglöfs Oz Pullover is the best jacket around, but if you can live with more weight there are advantages to be had elsewhere.

Review by Graham Thompson


First published in Trail magazine November 2008