Furtech Claw

If you are tired of condensation then give Furtech a go as this winter jacket is far more breathable than other waterproofs, thanks to its unique fabric construction. The Claw is also warmer than most waterproofs, again thanks to the unique fabric, but you get side venting if needed. So use it in cold, wet winter weather and it should be ideal. You get two huge pockets on the hips and another two on the chest. The hood fit and movement are unbelievably good, and it has a unique clear visor that provides protection without giving the feeling of peering out of a gun barrel. The cut is fashionably short while movement in the sleeves is ideal for climbing. A great design for cold weather climbing and mountaineering. But the hip pocket access is easily obscured with rucksack belts and although the jacket is warm, it can be too warm in anything but cold weather. For winter the length of the body may be a little too short to provide full protection from a raging blizzard.


Outer: FeatherTech polyester windproof with DWR
Inner: Furtech polyester with DWR and silver antimicrobial
Fabric waterproofness: water-resistant/waterproof
Fabric breathability: extremely breathable
Sizes: S-XL
Weight: 794g (L)
Made in Bulgaria
Stores in UK: 6

Verdict: A unique design with unique advantages that could be ideal for winter mountain action, but may not be right for everyone.