Finisterre Anabatik MkII

The Anabatic is a modern-looking jacket that manages to stand out from the range of outdoorsy looking kit, whilst retaining real technical features. Although it is nobly recycled and recyclable, the performance isn’t noticeably better than others tested. In cold conditions condensation still builds on the inside. A wire-reinforced peak is a nice touch and coupled with the cinch adjustment it is one of the best out there, pinching down around the face well, and deflecting rain water well. The pockets are a good height to fit over a rucksack hip belt and can just about fit a folded OS map into them. All of the zips are exposed but are waterproof, and so eliminate the need for a baffle on the inside. More for the stylish British environmental edge than technology lovers.

Fabric: C-Shell
Weight: 350g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 01872 554481;
• Review from Country Walking magazine, May ’11