Craghoppers Kimba/Ruhi (2015)


The price is the main feature here as the Craghoppers Kimba/Ruhi was the lowest-priced jacket we received for our test. It weighs 505g (size L), which is reasonable. The hood has a stiffened peak, and there is a rear volume adjuster and captured face drawcords. There are only two lower pockets, which are not large enough for OS maps, plus a third OS map-sized chest pocket on the inside. 4/5


The Kimba comes in sizes S-XL for men and the Ruhi in 8-20 for women. The fit is shorter and closer than pricier jackets here; and the mesh lining protruded from the cuffs in use. The hem and cuffs also ride up more easily than higher-priced jackets. The hood can be adjusted to fit, but does not move so well. 3/5


It is made from AquaDry fabric with a mesh lining. The waterproofness and breathability figures are as good as the much higher-priced jackets, while that mesh lining aids comfort. The short body, close fit and sleeves riding up limit the comfort a little, compared to better-fitting jackets. 3/5

In use

The lower pockets are not easily accessed with a rucksack and the OS map-sized chest pocket is inside the jacket, so you have to open the zip and will potentially get wet if you want to read your map or retrieve your GPS or compass. The hood movement, short length and other features combine to make the Craghoppers Kimba/Ruhi less than ideal in wet and windy weather. 3/5


It is a very low price and if this is your budget then you may be able to tolerate its drawbacks, but more cash brings far better performance for the British mountains. 5/5


The Craghoppers Kimba/Ruhi’s value for money is superb but the performance is the bare minimum for staying dry and comfortable in the hills. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Spring 2015