Craghoppers Ashton (2015)


The Craghoppers Ashton is all about the length, as it’s one of those rare models that’s long enough to really cover the bum and allows you to get your hands into the hem pockets below a rucksack hipbelt. It uses 2-layer Gore-Tex with a mesh lining, which makes it heavy. The hood is also not quite as well-featured as the better jackets. But if you want length, this is it. 4/5


The men’s Ashton comes in S-XXL (the nearest women’s option is the Madigan – £100, 8-20 – which is of a similar length but uses AquaDry, not Gore-Tex). The long body fully protects the top of the legs and fit is similar to most general jackets with some movement in the cuffs when you raise your arms. The hood fits closely but doesn’t move with the head easily. 3/5


The Craghoppers Ashton is a heavy jacket at 771g (size L) so in your pack it weighs you down. When worn it feels more restrictive than others, but it is made from a soft version of Gore-Tex while its 2-layer construction means there’s a mesh lining for more comfort. Some will feel this is comfier than skimpy lightweight jackets; others will feel it is cumbersome and obtrusive. 4/5

In use

This jacket’s length is the real bonus here for walking in foul weather as it offers so much more protection than others. You can access the base pockets below a rucksack hipbelt but you have to open the front zip to find a map-sized pocket. The hood has a stiffened peak, but it doesn’t move well with the head so it’s a little irritating compared to others. 3/5


The Craghoppers Ashton is made from 2-layer Gore-Tex and it has a long length that makes skimpy, shorter jackets appear quite pricy by comparison! 4/5


If you want a longer jacket then the Craghoppers Ashton is a rare example, but it has drawbacks in terms of weight and features. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015