Berghaus Stormcloud (2015)


Berghaus’s AQ2 material used in this jacket is a 2-layer fabric, which means it keeps weight down and improves suppleness, but also it doesn’t control condensation as well as a 3-layer or mesh-lined jacket. You get two main pockets too, which are also sealed rather than mesh, so they’re watertight, plus a hood with a peak, but it’s not wired. 3/5


The men’s Berghaus Stormcloud comes in S-XXL and the women’s in 8-18. The fit is slightly closer than other jackets and more tailored, but there’s still room underneath for insulation layers. The body is short, like most jackets. The hood has an exceptionally good fit though and really sets this apart from many in its price range. 5/5


The closer-fitting 2-layer material isn’t as breathable as fabrics used in higher-priced jackets, so it feels a bit clammy. It’s also quite soft so it easily allows warm air to be squeezed out when walking into the wind. So it feels a bit chilly compared to higher-priced jackets that offer more protection due to a looser cut and stiffer fabric that may be more breathable. 3/5

In use

Pocket access isn’t great as there are only two pockets and these are easily obscured by rucksack hipbelts. But you can get a map in these pockets and they’re sealed so water does not easily pass through them. The hood would benefit from a wired or stiffer peak, but its fit and movement are great and allow good vision. The weight of 319g (size L) is a bonus too. 3/5


For £70 the Berghaus Stormcloud is good; it’s just that you don’t get much at this price. A great option if this is your budget though. 5/5


If you cannot spend more the Berghaus Stormcloud is a decent option but a higher price brings many comfort and performance advantages. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015