Berghaus Paclite Trek

The longer length of this lightweight jacket is very appealing, particularly as it is lighter than many longer options! The material is Gore Paclite, which was a very popular lightweight fabric, until Gore Pro Shell came out in late 2007. You get additional abrasion-resistant sections around the hem and shoulders too. Arm movement is superb as the hem and cuffs don’t ride up when you need to scramble up a rock face. You get three very deep chest pockets that can all be accessed while wearing a rucksack, and they easily take maps for example. The hood is an excellent rolldown design with a stunning peak and very good movement. All that for £160 and 470g makes this ideal for most walkers. A year ago this would have been great, but Paclite doesn’t control condensation anywhere near as well as Pro Shell, so unless you need to save cash, this is not as good as similar Pro Shell options.


Outer: Gore-Tex Paclite
Inner: none
Fabric waterproofness: extremely waterproof
Fabric breathability: extremely breathable
Sizes: S-XXL (men’s); 8-18 (women’s)
Weight: 470g (large)
Made in China
Stores in UK: no info provided

Verdict: Superb features at a great price but fabric condensation control is better in Pro Shell equivalents. The jacket got the Best Value award in our test.