Berghaus Paclite 2008

Berghaus’s Paclite jackets are modern classics that have a lot of great features. The Gore Paclite material was a very popular lightweight fabric as it allows a jacket to pack down really small and weigh not a lot. Arm movement is superb as the hem and cuffs don’t ride up when you need to scramble over a stile or up a rock face. You get two very deep chest pockets that can all be accessed while wearing a rucksack, and they easily take maps. The hood is a good rolldown design with very good movement. All that for £160 and 354g makes this ideal for most walkers, and it’s justifiably popular. But Paclite doesn’t control condensation anywhere near as well as Gore-Tex Pro Shell, so unless you need to save cash or want minimal packed size and weight, the Berghaus Paclite is not as good as similar Pro Shell options. A stiffer peak would be even better and other jackets have slightly better pocket access when wearing a rucksack.

Outer Gore-Tex Paclite
Inner none
Fabric waterproofness extremely waterproof
Fabric breathability extremely breathable
Sizes S-XXL (men’s); 8-18 (women’s)
Weight 354g (men’s L)
Made in China
Stores in the UK no info provided
The Berghaus Paclite has good features for walkers and a great price, but fabric condensation control is better in Pro Shell equivalents.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine November 2008