Berghaus Light Hike Hydroshell (2015)


Designed, according to Berghaus, after gathering insight from walkers on the West Highland Way, the Light Hike Hydroshell’s main feature is its weight of just 336g (size L). It has only two mesh-lined pockets, plus a hood with wired peak. It is good to see the front zip has an external stormflap for better rain protection than many lightweight jackets. 4/5


It’s available for men in size S-XL and for women 8-16. The jacket is average length so you get some protection of the derrière, but not as much as some jackets offer. The sleeves performed well, with the cuffs and hem not riding up when the arms are raised. The hood also fitted very well and moved very easily with the head. 5/5


The material is 2.5-layer Hydroshell Elite with a raised print on the inside for better condensation control, but you’ll still be slightly comfier in a (albeit heavier) 3-layer or mesh- lined jacket. The fabric boasts very high waterproofness and breathability figures, but the pockets are mesh-lined so care is needed to stop water passing through them. 3/5

In use

The Berghaus Light Hike Hydroshell offers just two main pockets with no third pocket for a guidebook, compass or map. The two main pockets are easily obscured while wearing a rucksack, so quite annoying to use. Also those pockets are mesh-lined, so you need to keep them zipped up in rain. The hood is great and the weight is a bonus in drier conditions when this can live in a pack. 3/5


There are lots of lightweight jackets, and this is slightly better than some; it also lacks some features but overall the price is fair. 4/5


If low weight and a reasonable price are priorities the Berghaus Light Hike Hydroshell is great, but the pockets are not the best option for hillwalking with rucksacks. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine Spring 2015