Bergans Storen (2015)


The Bergans Storen uses two-way stretch Toray Dermizax NX 3-layer laminated fabric, which is extremely waterproof and extremely breathable. It is quite thin and softer than most jackets here, and relatively lightweight too. You get four main pockets on the outside, plus a hood with a stiffened peak. Mesh-lined pockets and pit zips allow extra airflow. 5/5


Men’s sizes are XS-XXL and women’s sizes are XS-XL, and I found the fit to be slightly closer than others featured here and also slightly shorter in the body. I also had a bit more movement in the hem and cuffs when raising my arms, so overall it felt a little restrictive and too close a fit compared to others even though it uses stretch fabric. 4/5


If you don’t mind the closer fit, the Bergans Storen will feel quite comfy, as it is light, soft and flexible. The pockets are mesh-lined, so they can provide extra airflow, but if water gets in them you can feel wet more easily than in jackets with sealed pockets. Also as the fabric fits so closely and is so soft, insulating air is more easily squeezed out than from stiffer options. 4/5

In use

The Bergans Storen’s fit and comfort impact on performance on the hill; also the pockets are slightly too small, so while I could just about squeeze a map into one chest pocket, it did not fit in the hip pockets properly. The top-entry chest pocket is very deep, so getting items from the bottom is a challenge. Overall a little irritating compared to others. The hood is good though. 4/5


The use of stretch fabric has pushed the price up, but its benefit is limited here I think, so the price seems steep compared to others. 3/5


The weight and the fabric are great but the pockets and hood are not the best. At this price, however, the Lakpa Rita is still a good option. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine November 2015