Regatta Nebraska (2015)

I’d forgotten the price when testing this and was so surprised post-walk that I had to triple-check the figure. Surely there’s a ‘one’ missing before the ‘four’? Nope. A simple £40 it is. It was already praiseworthy, but in light of that, it’s hard to beat. The Nebraska performs wonderfully. On a late winter walk it proved resistant enough to hold out strong, chilly gusts and gallantly fended off a hail shower. The cinchable hem and adjustable cuffs allow you to really batten down the hatches in bad weather, and when the sun comes out, you can loosen them to stay fresh and cool. My only beef comes with the pockets: two handwarmers and no chest, so if you’re wearing a backpack with a hip-belt, pocket access is zero. And the inner lining of one pocket pulled away after a couple of outings, so it is perhaps unlikely to be the longest-lived jacket in your cupboard.


Weight: 410g

Fabric:  Polyester, elastane

Colours: Black; lime/turquoise; orange/purple; coral/pink

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 0161 866 0579


Great protection at a real bargain price, but build quality may be somewhat compromised.

Originally reviewed by Sarah Ryan in Country Walking April 2015


Regatta Breaktrail (2015)


The Regatta Breaktrail’s biggest benefit here is the price of just £25, but at such a low cost it isn’t surprising to find that hillgoing features are limited. There’s a short front zip, only one pocket and no hood. But the zip does have an inside baffle to block wind and prevent chin scraping. The pocket is large enough for a small guidebook, GPS receiver or compass. 3/5


The Breaktrail is available in S-XXXL for men and 8-20 for women, which is a very wide size range compared to most other options. The fit is close rather than tight or baggy, and is well-sized for wearing over a base layer or under a soft shell or waterproof jacket as part of a layering system. The elastication at hem and cuffs has no adjustment but fitted well. 3/5


The Regatta Breaktrail’s material is a soft 200 series polyester fleece that offers excellent breathability while providing good windproofness and insulation for general year-round use. Thermally this is ideal over a base layer all year round, but in winter you might want to add an extra layer under or over it for the chillier days. As the front zip is short you can’t vent it too much. 4/5

In use

I like to have a pair of large chest pockets and a hood on a fleece, which the Regatta Breaktrail doesn’t have. So for me this is either something to wear under a waterproof or other fleece jacket, or for use as a main fleece for moving fast when you don’t want pockets or hoods. The chest pocket is too small for OS maps. 3/5


The value is superb but you aren’t getting many features, so you must decide if it offers enough for your needs. 5/5


The Regatta Breaktrail is low-priced with minimal features that are great as part of a layering system, but as a main fleece others have benefits. 3.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine March 2015


Regatta Harvey II (2013)

One of the warmer jackets out there due to the fleece backing on the fabric. So ideal for a cool morning or higher level walk but a better bet for those that run cool in summer. It’s well featured with good pockets that also double as vents, Velcro on the cuffs and a drawcord hem. The sleeves will just about pull up while the collar’s high, snug and soft-backed, so comfy on the chin. The fabric repelled drizzle and hill fog well and kept a cold wind at bay with ease, so it worked brilliantly as an outer as well as an insulation layer beneath a shell.

Sizes: S-XXXL
Fabric: Polyester soft shell
Weight: 480g
Women’s version: Yes, Kira
Contact: 0843 309 0199;

Published in Country Walking magazine, April 2013

Regatta Gravitator (2012)

One of the lightest tops out there and good for warmer conditions, with thin fabric and great stretch. A lack of membrane technology, coupled with the relatively open fabric weave, creates great levels of breathability, although at the expense of some windproofing. If the weather turns very cold or windy, you may need to slip a shell over the top. Regatta’s ATL water-repellent finish helps deal with most light showers. The jacket doesn’t close up around you as well as others: there are drawcords at the hem but no adjustment on the cuffs, making them baggy – though you can roll them up easily when it’s warm. The hood has no adjustment but fits snugly, with elastic pulling it tight. A versatile jacket for summer, at a very good price.

Sizes: S-XXXL

Fabric: Regatta XLT Stretch

Weight: 464g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 0161 749 1313;


*Published in Country Walking magazine, Spring 12

Regatta Baxter (2012)

This is a lighter-weight fleece than many out there, using a thinner grade of material that also makes it one of the least expensive too. The downside is a lack of insulation. This really only provides warmth as part of a layering system. It is designed to zip into a corresponding shell jacket. A drawcord around the hem helps to pull the top tight to the waist and trap some heat, but the elasticated cuffs, although weight-saving in their design, are too loose and baggy to seal your wrists up properly. That does mean the sleeves can easily be rolled up, though, which many walkers may appreciate. For something so lightweight, there are quite a lot of seams and stitching that gets in the way when wearing a rucksack.

Sizes: S-XXL

Fabric: Thermal Balance Plus microfleece

Weight: 390g

Women’s version: No

Contact: 0161 749 1313

Review from Country Walking magazine, February 2012.

Regatta Airbrake

The Airbrake doesn’t immediately feel like a standard soft shell, with a face fabric that, although plenty stretchy enough, has a hardness to it and is quite noisy when you move. The shiny surface did give it a little extra waterproofing, at least for the test duration over a few damp, misty mornings, and it also makes it a little sweaty when used as a mid-layer under a waterproof. Strangely enough, it’s not actually that warm in use on colder days, and you do have to keep moving to keep the chill off, even though there are good weather seals with very easy-to-grip Velcro cuffs and a collar cinch that help to trap a bit of warm air inside.

Fabric: Softshell XPT
Weight (tested size): 528g
Women’s version: No
Contact: 0161 749 1381;

Regatta Boundary

The Boundary has a really soft fabric, with a great feel that’s more akin to a sweater than a jacket, albeit with a decent amount of stretch. The DWR coating does shed rain, although anything more than the lighter showers we tested it in and we suspect the seams will leak first. Warmth levels are decent with fleece backing providing a bit of insulation, although the wind blocking properties of the fabric were not the best. The collar, hem and cuff adjustments help batten down the hatches.

Fabric: Woven soft shell
Weight: 672g
Women’s version: Yes (Merinda)
Contact: 0161 749 1200;

Regatta Base Zip-neck base layer

A very thick and warm base-layer that can feel itchy when you’re hot and sweaty. It has a nice close-fitting design, with plenty of stretch in the fabric, although it tends to become saggy with wear. The zip-neck collar provides great ventilation when needed, but check you can zip it up properly as the collar is tighter fitting than some. Unfortunately the seams on the shoulders may chafe a little under a pack and it tends to get very smelly! Best-suited to winter use only.

Fabric: Hydro-Therm polyester
Features: Thermal protection, zip-neck
Contact: 0161 749 1313;

Regatta Seistan

More waterproof than soft shell and as a waterproof it performs quite well, with a three-layer membrane fabric, taped seams and a very good, adjustable hood. As a soft shell, though, it fails to provide any real insulation, and is nothing like as breathable as some. It’s very adjustable with Velcro cuffs and a drawcord hem, and the hood is more adjustable than some waterproofs on the market; and it has large pockets that will take a map. The sizing is very large so check before buying.

Sizes: S-XXL
Fabric: Softshell XPT Waterproof
Weight: 450g
Women’s version: Yes, Cayley
Contact: 0161 749 1313;

First published in Country Walking magazine, September 2009


Review: The fabric is soft and has enough stretch to make movement easy. Lovely snug collar, too. As a base-layer it feels soft and warm and copes well with moisture, and it looked good on its own, too. Some odour retention, but not too bad.
Colours: Midnight/seal grey, black/seal grey
Sizes: S-XXL
Fabric: Hydro-Therm (polyester)
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 0161 749 1313, www.regatta.comVerdict: If anyone needs convincing about buying a base-layer, this is the top to try. It won’t break the bank and looks good enough to wear casually, too.

Regatta Sonar

Comfortable with excellent adjustment at the hem and, more importantly, the cuffs. Soft against the skin with plenty of stretch where it’s needed. The waterproof/windproof membrane and taped seams mean it sacrifices breathability for weather resistance. Nice pockets, though, and looks good. Makes a better outer layer.

Colours: Red, Prussian, black, seal grey
Sizes: S-XXL
Fabric: Woven stretch Softshell with Isotex 5000 membrane
Weight: 870g
Women’s version: Cara
Contact: 0161 749 1313,
Verdict: An attractive, highly weatherproof soft shell jacket that works best as an outer layer. Too heavy and bulky to carry and not breathable enough for mid-layer use.

Regatta Sonar 2008

This soft shell jacket  is a low price for what you get; available in sizes S-XXXL; woven stretch soft shell fabric is waterproof and breathable; Isotex 5000 membrane drop liner; large map pocket; insulated lining; stretchy fabric. But this jacket is short, has no hood and is heavy at 916g; the outer soaks up water more than a dedicated waterproof; hip pocket access is easily obstructed by rucksack belts. (Women’s equivalent is Cara, sizes 8-20.)Verdict
The Sonar has too many drawbacks!

First published in Trail magazine September 2008

Regatta Epicentre

A good fit in the body and sleeves, but the stiff-ish collar is a little too high, especially when unzipped. The cuffs are too tight to pull up, but a warm and very weatherproof jacket… at the expense of breathability, which is definitely noticeable when walking uphill at speed. Would like a bit more ‘give’ in the fabric, too.Best-suited to those seeking extra weatherproofing and warmth and who don’t mind sacrificing ease of movement and breathability to get it.

Colours: Seal grey/ash, black, pepper/punch, botanic/seal grey

Sizes: S-XXL

Fabric: Softshell XPT

Weight: 550g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 0161 749 1313,

Regatta Farley

The zip-necked Farley is a good length, but the sleeves are too tight, with no give in the fabric. Good high, snug collar, though. Difficult to wear as a mid-layer as the sleeves are too tight to go over anything else. Good warmth as a base-layer, though, and it dried quickly when wet. A decent-length zip, too.

A lightweight, budget-end fleece that makes a useful winter base-layer or a casual top. Better fitting sleeves would make it considerably more useful.

Colours: Pinball, bark, fossil, black
Sizes: S-XXL
Fabric: Polyester double grid
Women’s version: Bambi

Contact: 0161 749 1313