Quechua Top Warm (2017)


The insulation is 600 fill power down, which is not the most efficient, and that makes the Quechua Top Warm slightly heavier and bulkier than some others of equivalent warmth. But the hood and shoulders feature waterproof panels, and the hood has drawcords. The warmth is good for the hill (and better than many low-priced jackets) so it’s worth a closer look. 3/5


Sizes are S-XXXL for men and XS-XXL for women. The fit is slightly longer than some for better coverage of the bum. The sleeve has elasticated cuffs that tend to ride up a bit more easily than higher-priced options. The hood drawcords do not work very well to bring the hood in and the hood does not turn with head, which is also not ideal. 3/5


The Quechua Top Warm is very warm, and though the hood does not fit as well as it could, it nevertheless remains pretty comfy as it is packed with insulation and sits comfortably, if loosely, against the head. I also like the wide baffle behind the main zip to keep draughts out. The cuffs are not the comfiest, as the elastic tends to ride up and sit high up the wrist. 3/5

In use

We buy down jackets to keep us warm, and the Quechua Top Warm does that – so if that is all you need, it’s great. The drawbacks are niggles rather than deal-breakers, but you do have the cuffs, the hood and the weight to consider here. It does pack down reasonably small, so you can easily stow it in a rucksack. Also the added water resistance on the hood and shoulders is useful. It’s not perfect, but on the hill it will keep you warm. 3/5


You cannot beat the Quechua Top Warm on cost, as it will keep you cosy without freezing your bank account, and that is hard to put a price on. 5/5


Unless you require the small benefits of other jackets the Quechua Top Warm is all you’ll need on the hill. 3.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017