Montane North Star (2017)


The Montane North Star has been upgraded this year with 800 fill power HyperDry Eco goose down, which is more water-resistant than standard down and has Bluesign approval for its eco impact. The shell is water-resistant 20 denier Pertex Quantum Y. You get a hood with face elastication but no other adjustment, and the cuffs too are only elasticated. The hem has a drawcord. The 503g weight is acceptable. 4/5


Sizes are S-XXL for men and 8-16 for women. The hem is elasticated with a drawcord and this fits neatly; but there is no cuff adjustment, and while they fitted me you may need to check to ensure they don’t allow draughts. The hood is also not adjustable, and its fit was not as close as others and did not move with my head. Some higher-priced jackets have better hoods. 4/5


The Montane North Star feels nice as the Pertex Quantum Y fabric is soft and flexible and not too rustly. A good amount of down is also used so this feels warm enough for camping or summit use. There is a nice patch of brushed soft polyester fleece at the chin too. But a better hood and cuff adjustment would improve comfort further, unless this happens to fit you perfectly. 4/5

In use

The weight and packed size make this okay to stash in a rucksack, but it is not the lightest. The warmth is great for hill or campsite. But the hood is very annoying as you cannot adjust it and there is no movement. However the Pertex Quantum Y shell is durable and water-resistant and should perform well for some years. Not perfect, but reasonably practical. 4/5


The Montane North Star has a good combination of features but it is let down a bit by the hood, so for me it is not quite as good value as it first appears. 3/5


The North Star is a good jacket in terms of warmth and weight, but the hood
lets it down for a jacket with this price tag. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2017