Trekmates Merino Contrast Zip-top (2012)

A lightweight merino top suited to warmer weather. When holding the top up to the light it’s a little alarming to be able to see through the material, but there is no such worry once the top is on. It creates more warmth than you might expect from something that appears so thin. The thin nature of the fabric, especially around the cuffs, may become an issue in continued use, although over the testing period, any wear in critical areas was minimal. There is quite a lot of stitching on this top, and although it is the flat, unobtrusive style, the stitching extends across the top of the shoulders, which can pose a rubbing/fraying problem after prolonged use in conjunction with a rucksack. Thumb loops are a nice touch and keep the stretchy fabric pulled down over the arms for improved warmth.

Sizes: S-XL

Fabric: 100% merino

Weight: 240g

Contact: 0115 940 9176

Review from Country Walking magazine, January 2012.