The North Face Warm Long Sleeve Zip Neck

This is a wonderfully soft and snug-fitting base-layer. It’s extremely lightweight too, at only 100g. In fact, the warmth feels almost invisible. The cut is long, and the arms and body easily cover the wrists and hips. It comes with a zip neck for great versatility, and the stretchiness in the fabric means the cuffs pull up easily to the elbows. It’s also got really nice feminine styling – tapered at the waist, without being too figure-hugging. This base-layer works brilliantly as a layer worn under outer layers because it feels so soft against the skin. It did far better than most in the smell test, but did get a bit whiffy after a few wears.

Sizes: XS-XL
Weight: 100g
Fabric: Polypropylene
Features: Zip neck, hypoallergenic
Contact: 01539 822 155;