The North Face Hybrid Long Sleeve Zip Neck (2012)

A tight fitting, athletic top built for high-energy activities, and as such may frighten off more casual users. The tight fit ensures that moisture is lifted quickly away from the skin and sent to the outside. Body-mapping has also been used to provide a little extra insulation in key areas. Best of all is the seamless construction, which means a very comfortable fit and no rubbing. Against the skin, the top feels very soft too, with dimples and ridges that help create some insulation and help to draw moisture away. Although it uses man-made fibres, the top has an anti-odour treatment added that does help to keep the smell down a bit. A very deep zip collar helps cool things down when it’s very hot.

Sizes: S, ML, LXL

Fabric: 97% polypropylene; 3% elastane

Weight: 199g

Contact: 01539 822 155

Review from Country Walking magazine, January 2012.