Sprayway Scorch Hoodie (2014)

The Sprayway Scorch Hoodie is made from Exo/therm Stretch. This provides a medium level of wind resistant, similar to Polartec 200 Micro, but it has a closer knit on the outside to give it more abrasion resistance, while on the inside it has a more brushed appearance. The result is that it does not feel quite as warm as Polartec 200 Micro. The cut of the Scorch also makes it feel a little chillier than other jackets of this type as the sleeves are quite baggy around the forearms, creating a definite cold spot here. As there is no adjustment on the cuffs, as these are just elasticated, it is not possible to block airflow here. The result is that my arms felt cold in this. The body is not too bad though and fits more closely than the sleeves. The two main pockets just about take an OS map and are just about high enough to allow access to the pocket when wearing a rucksack. But other jackets have slightly better pockets. The small third chest pocket is not large enough for a map, but it is useful for a compass. This jacket comes with a hood, but this is poorly designed and is the main problem with the jacket. It does not have face or volume adjustment, which would not matter if it fitted. But it is too large, which results in the front of the hoodie protruding forward too far and easily obscuring view. On paper the Sprayway Scorch Hoodie appears as good as the Mountain Equipment Shroud at £90. However grab it off the hanger and the difference in performance is immediately evident.

Material Exo/therm Stretch
Men’s/unisex sizes S-XXL
Women’s sizes none
Weight 478g (size L)
Hood yes
External pockets 3
Website www.sprayway.com



It is worth finding the extra cash to get the £90 Mountain Equipment Shroud if you can. If you cannot find more cash, the Sprayway Scorch Hoodie will provide adequate but frustrating performance.

Review by Graham Thompson
Just missed out on being in Trail magazine March 2014